20 Useful Tips in day-to-day life



1. If you ate something too spicy, try to put some salt into your mouth (without swallowing) for a moment, then spill it out with water.

2. If some dust got its way into your eyes, close them and cough a few times.

3. Put some soap onto your wound immediately if you were beaten by mosquito. The itchy feeling should no longer bother you.

4. Try to drink some vinegar if you’re burping

5. If you find the skin of the chestnut too difficult to remove, heat them up in the microwave for a moment AFTER removing the shell.

6. Want your flower to keep fresh longer? Try pouring a drop of detergent into the water.

7. You can’t sleep? Try to avoid drinking tea, chatting or any activity that require brain usage. Try bathing your feet into water mixed with a tint of vinegar.

8. If you have bad breath due to food such as garlic, try eating a few peanuts.

9. Got mouth ulcer? Try applying some Vitamin C or Vitamin B2 onto the wound.

10. If you want your plant to grow faster, try pouring some tea water onto its roots.

11. If there is a part of your shoes that constantly scratch your leg, try applying some Chinese rice wine onto that part. It should solve your problem.

12. A burn or small area skin wound got you? Try applying some toothpaste. This should kill the pain and stop your bleeding immediately.

13. Try drinking some tea if you ate food that are too greasy

14. If there are coffee or tea stains in your cup, try applying some toothpaste. It should clean your cup like it’s brand new.

15. Open your mouth when you’re using eye drop. That way your eyes would stop blinking.

16. If you want to remove the smell or sterilize your cutting board, try washing it with white vinegar

17. Put some chalk inside your jewelry box and your jewelry will always shine.

18. Want to defrost your food fast? Try putting the frozen food in between two metal pots.

19. Try to avoid doing any mean of exercise (even walking) after a meal. It will increase the burden of your stomach.

20. If your white clothing turn yellow, try washing it with water boiled with cabbage.

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