Exception List in C#


Here are some of the common exceptions and their reasons that occur in C#.


Exception Class Cause of Exception
SystemException A failed run time check; used as a base class for other exceptions .
AccessException Failure to access a type member , such as a method or field.
ArgumentException An argument to a method was invalid.
ArgumentNullException A null argument was passed to a method that does not accept it.
ArgumentOutOfRangeException Argument value is out of range.
ArithmeticException Arithmetic over or underflow has occurred.
ArrayTypeMismatchException Attempt to store the wrong type of object in an array.
BadImageFormatException Image is in wrong format
CoreException Base class for exceptions thrown by the runtime.
DevideByZeroException An attempt was made to divide by Zero.
FormatException The format of an argument is wrong.
IndexOutofRangeException An Array index is out of range
InvalidCastException An attempt was made to cast to an invalid class.
InvalidOperationException A method was called at an invalid time
MissingmemberException An invalid version of a DLL was accessed
NotFiniteException A number is not valid
NotSupportedException Indicates that a method is not implemented by a class
NullReferenceException Attempt to use an unassigned reference
OutofmemoryException Not enough memory to continue execution
StackOverFlowException A Stack has overflowed

There is not a master list for all the exceptions till now. But if you like to see some then open the VISUAL STUDIO and press Ctrl+Alt+E. It open a window containing all the exceptions that are known by Microsoft.


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