Ninjump Tips,Tricks and Cheats



You can see android games are growing in a very fast manner. Everyone becomes addictive to these types of games. More often NINJA character is liked by most of the players who prefer action games.Here is a game with ninja which will make you more addictive than a action game. Its NinJump a rapid paced NINJA CLIMBING GAME with excellent strategies.


The concept of this game is to go higher and higher to beat your own high scores while you will try to avoid the killer squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, shooting stars and exploding bombs which makes this more attractive than all the others.More excellent feature is you have to defeat 3 of your enemy in a row to gain a BOOSTER which has a unique advantage of bringing you to the top of the stage.

                                    ninjump3-266x400You can shield yourself by taking a shield which will prevent a single hit from any of you enemies.Just take a better look on the borders and other ninjas because they will knock you off and send you to your doom.

Here are some tips which makes me to reach far beyond in this game.


1. Always prefer to be in shield. Grab one if you lose yours. This will help you to prevent unavoidable situations.

2.Try to hit angry birds at the beginning because it will get you to the top as soon its activated.

3.Later Hit shooting stars because they are much more to use when the twin shooting stars appears.

4.Always notice for the running ninja above 2500+ feet. They are more dangerous when you go above.

ninjump8-266x4005.Keep an eye on the borders which comes side by side when you go above 4000+ feet.

6.[Always use this above 8000+ feet] Prefer Rockets only they available in a row or else swing exact time of explode you can get the Shooting Star booster.
Here are few tricks which i used get a high score each time.

1.Hit Angry birds at beginning which boost you to a score of +350 feet and above.
2.Take killer squirrels if you have it in a row it takes you to +275 feet and above.
3.Use Shooting star often but i will give +200 feet and above but this is very very useful to have a quick booster when twin shooting star appears.
4. Finally Rocket which gives you +450 and above. But use this only its available in row else prefer to make each exploding bomb as shooting star booster.
5. Above 10,000 the borders will come side by side mostly prefer to jump to right side of the wall. It will have less chance of hit.

And one more if you are willing to root your android then here is a cheat for you.

They call it as GOD MODE which gives you unlimited access to boosters and also to shield.
Check this video.



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