Symbols in Keyboard

keyboardsymbols                         Now-a-days everyone knows the symbols in keyboard but forgot their real names. Here is a quick list of symbols with their names

ampersand &
apostrophe or single quote
asterisk *
at @
back quote `
back slash \
braces or curly braces {}
brackets []
carat ^
close brace }
close bracket ]
close parenthesis )
colon :
comma ,
dollar $
equal =
exclamation point !
greater than or right angled bracket >
less than or left angled bracket <
minus or hyphen
open brace {
open bracket [
open parenthesis (
parenthesis ()
percent %
pipe or bar |
plus +
pound or hash #
questiion mark ?
semi-colon ;
slash or forward slash /
tilde ~
underscore _

2 thoughts on “Symbols in Keyboard

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